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If you're debating whether to study with music or not, The Tutoring Center, Auburn CA will share the advantages and disadvantages so you can make the right decision for you.

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Why You Should Study With Music

For the first part of this post, we'll discuss the ways in which music can benefit your study sessions and why you should give it a try.

It Gives You an Energy Boost

Even if you're just sitting down reading, being focused on one task for a long time can be incredibly tiring on your mind and body. Of course, when you're studying, being tired isn't ideal, since you won't be able to learn effectively. For that reason, you may want to try listening to music during your study sessions. Music can give you the energy boost that will help you endure a bit longer and do more work whenever you need it.

It Aids in the Memorization Process

The learning process requires a great deal of memorization in order to assimilate certain information (for example, names, dates, definitions, formulas, and other similar data). Surprisingly, this is another way in which listening to music can benefit your learning. As mentioned above, music can help you stay focused. This, in turn, will allow you to process, retain, and remember the information you go over with greater accuracy.

It Decreases Your Anxiety Levels

You have probably experienced the mood changing effects that music can have on you. For example, if you've heard an upbeat, sunny song and it immediately put a smile on your face. The way music can alter your state of mind and emotions is incredible. This can be very helpful if you're a student who gets stressed out when you have to study for a test. Listening to calming music can ease your feelings and have a more positive outlook on the whole situation.

It Stimulates Your Creativity

The last advantage of listening to music when studying is that it can stimulate you on a creative level. As you're aware, music is an art form, and as such, it can be highly inspiring, which can boost your creativity. When you're studying, being creative is a huge advantage. After all, you may need to problem-solve and seek for new ways to reach one of your academic goals. If you're listening to music, you may have an easier time completing your assignments effectively.

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Why You Shouldn't Study With Music

While all of the points are true, there's another side to the situation. To give you a fuller picture, here are the 'cons' of listening to music when studying.

It Can Distract You

Probably the most common disadvantage people mention in this debate is that music distracts you and strips your attention away from what you should be learning. And there's some truth to that. If the music you choose to play when you're studying is upbeat, loud or has complicated lyrics to it, you can guarantee that you won't be able to focus as easily.

It Can Alter Your Mood

Just a few paragraphs above, we mentioned the wonderful ability that music has to alter your mood and how that can be a 'pro' when you're listening to soothing, calming music. Still, if you're not careful with the playlist you create for your study sessions, you can end up listening to music that stresses you out, makes you angry, or affects you negatively. This isn't conducive to a successful learning experience.

It Can Lead to More Confusion and Mistakes

Something to be mindful of is that while music can help you focus and learn better, if you're not listening to correct type of study music, it can lead to more confusion and mistakes. As mentioned above, the wrong kind of music can distract you and keep you from studying effectively. Of course, this can make you more prone to make mistakes, especially in those subjects that are challenging to you.

It Can Result in Poorer Time Management

Finally, if you take into account all of the previous 'cons' mentioned here (that music can upset you, distract you and lead to more mistakes), it's no wonder that it can result in poorer time management. This is because, listening to the wrong kind of music can make it so that you spend a lot more time learning a specific lesson than if you were to do it with the right kind of music or in silence.

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