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Multiplications are a skill that everybody should have. To teach your child how to do them properly, read and follow the tips in this post by The Tutoring Center, Auburn CA.

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How to Teach Your Child to Multiply

Go Over the Basics With Your Child

First things first: you need to review some of the basics with your child before you even begin to teach them how to multiply. If you don't you, may just end up getting your child confused and feeling intimidated. For example, they should understand what multiplying is, why they need to learn it, and when they may employ this skill. Of course, it's imperative that your child knows how to add comfortably by this point.

Teach Them About Pairs in Multiplications

One strategy that can help your child learn to multiply is to teach them the time tables. If they memorize them successfully, they won't need to add a number over itself again and again every time they need to multiply. Still, it's understandable if your child feels overwhelmed by the amount of numbers that they need to memorize. A way to ease the learning process is to teach them about multiplication pairs. This means that the order of the multiplying numbers doesn't change the outcome. For example, 5 * 7 is 35; just as 7 * 5 is 35.

Help Them Practice Enough

One thing that is key in ensuring that your child learns to multiply perfectly (and for any other skill they're developing, for that matter) is practice. They should be practicing often to ensure they strengthen their skills. To that end, it is recommended that you find them ways to practice. For instance, you can search the Internet for multiplication worksheets. Print them out and have them complete them at home. If needed, you could set a rewards system to keep them motivated.

Make Use of Mnemotechnics

As mentioned above, having your child learn the time tables will save them a lot of time and effort when they have to multiply. However, this obviously requires a long and challenging memorization process. If your child requires assistance in this respect, you can help them with the employment of mnemotechnics. For example, you can create a silly song or a funny rhyme to help them memorize and recall the numbers in an effective manner.

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Adapt to Your Child's Learning Style

If what you want is to make the learning process easier on your child, then you should take how they learn into account. Everybody assimilates information in a different way, meaning that what may work for one child, may not work for another. Find out the learning style your child has and then search for ways to cater to it. For example, if they're a kinesthetic learner, get them tools that will help them learn to multiply (such as an abacus).

Use the Following Tips

There are tips you can teach your child to make multiplying even easier. Here they are so you can relay this information to them:
  1. To multiply by 1, they just need to write the same number down. E.g.: 4 * 1 = 4.
  2. To multiply by 2, they just have to add the number to itself once. E.g.: 4 * 2 is 8 because 4 + 4 equals 8.
  3. To multiply by 5, your child should remember that the answer will end in 0 or 5. If they know how to read a clock, they will have another advantage here.
  4. To multiply by 10, they only need to add a 0 to the right of whatever number they want to multiply. E.g.: 4 * 10 = 40.
  5. Lastly, to multiply a single digit by 11, they just have to repeat that number one time. E.g.: 4 * 11 = 44.

Allow Them to Work at Their Pace

A final tip that is crucial that you follow is that you should allow your child to work at their own pace. For you, multiplying may be an easy skill to put to practice. Nonetheless, a child that's just learning may find it challenging at times. This means that you shouldn't pressure them to move on to more complicated equations (like multiplying bigger numbers) until they feel comfortable with single digit ones. If you push them before time, they may feel intimidated and could get discouraged to keep going.

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