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Getting your children to sit down and complete their homework can be a struggle. You need to get creative to make homework time less dreadful. Here are some suggestions you can try out to make the process easier.

9 Ways to Make Homework Time Easier

Homework can be a great battle between parents and children. Children don’t want to come home from a tiring day at school just to keep on working on some more assignments. Homework is an unavoidable part of your child’s academic life. There’s nothing they can do to change that, but they can change their attitude towards their assignments. If you need some tips to help make homework time a little bit easier, here are some tips you can try out.

Work Together

Working together doesn’t mean you have to end up doing your child’s homework for them. However, you can help them if they don’t understand something. You can answer emails or do some work next to them. You’ll be spending some quality time together, finishing your work, and keeping an eye on their progress.

Create a Cool Work Area

Instead of sending your child off to their room to complete their homework, create a cool communal work area. Set up a desk and some lamps, and decorate the area to make it more inspiring. Take a break from your usual chairs and instead use a twisty-turn stool or a yoga ball. Employees at Google, Facebook, and Apple are more productive because they have a cool work area.

Use a Timer

Sometimes using a time limit helps children work faster. Make a game out of it. Ask your child how long they think the assignment will take them and set up the timer. If they do it in less time, they get a simple reward.

Break Time

Let your child relax and unwind for a bit after school.  However, you must try to have them complete their homework early and not at night. Give them a healthy snack with protein, healthy fats, or complex carbs. What your children eat affects their brain power, so be sure it is in a positive way.  Make sure they eat something that will give them energy and allow them to concentrate.


Homework can fill some children with dread because they don’t understand their assignment. At school, they can easily ask their teacher, but they won’t have the same sort of help at home. Enrolling your child in tutoring classes can help them complete their homework and understand those subjects they struggle with at school. They will also be working on their study skills. You can contact The Tutoring Center, Auburn CA to learn about their various tutoring programs in Auburn. Give them a call at (530) 878-5010 so that they can help your child be a better learner.

Set up a Rewards System

Positive reinforcement in the form of rewards helps make homework time more bearable. Work with your child to create a rewards system. Establish goals and match them with rewards once completed. The prizes don’t have to be something big or expensive. Extra play time or a sweet treat will do just fine. Just be sure to explain to your child that they have to do their homework because it’s their job and not just because they will get a prize.

Multitasking Is Not Allowed

Having the ability to multitask is great in many situations, but not when it comes to homework. Let’s be honest, not even adults can focus on a task if the TV is on. Switching from one subject to the next won’t help either. If you want to help your child focus on a single assignment, turn off the TV and have them complete one subject first before they can jump to the next. They should always start with the hardest task so the rest can feel like a breeze.

Talk to Their Teacher

Having regular contact with your child’s teacher is essential to their academic development. They might give you some feedback and suggestions to help your child out.

Be Present

Sometimes children refuse to do their homework because there’s no one around to help them out. Be available for your child so you can guide them and give them positive feedback about their work.

Homework Help With Tutoring in Auburn CA

Sometimes it's tough for parents to help children with their homework. If this happens to you, sign them up for tutoring classes. A tutor will help your child complete their assignments and understand other confusing school subjects. Learn about the many tutoring programs The Tutoring Center, Auburn CA  by calling them at (530) 878-5010.


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