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A school can't teach your children everything they need to know to survive in life. There are some basic life skills every child should learn to become more independent.

New Year's Resolution: Earn Some Life Skills

Your children go to school to learn and to prepare for their future. At school they learn about math, reading, science, and other different subjects. However, some skills are not taught in school. These include skills that your children will be using throughout their whole life. Your children should learn simple tasks such as doing laundry, learning how to cook, or writing a letter so they can become more independent. Talk to your children about these practical life skills and make it your New Year’s resolution as a family to learn (teach) them together. Perhaps learning new skills can even help them boost their academic potential.

7 Life Skills Your Children Should Learn This Year

Doing Laundry

Your children probably have some chores at home. Things like picking up their dirty dishes after they eat, taking out the trash, or cleaning their room. But do they know how to do their laundry? Many adults still have no clue how to wash their clothes. Walk your children through the process of loading the washer and dryer. Teach them about separating color items from white garments… or run the risk of ending up with a bunch of pink clothes! They will make some mistakes along the way, but they will learn.

Basic Cooking

Everyone should know how to make at least one dish. Invite your children into the kitchen and help them follow a simple recipe. Cooking can be a great learning experience. Children can practice their math and reading skills, among many others. For younger children, a simple bowl of yogurt for breakfast can be a great idea, for older children maybe pizza or pasta. Even mastering the art of a sandwich can help them on the road to being more independent. Interested in more math and reading practice? Help your children have a better school year by taking them to The Tutoring Center, Auburn CA. Learn about their various tutoring options by calling (530) 878-5010.


We should all learn to be more compassionate. Be compassionate to your children and teach them to be empathetic with others. Sometimes we focus so much on ourselves that we tend to forget about others. Ask them how they might feel if they were in someone else’s situation and what they can do to help ease the suffering of others. Learning to perform small acts of kindness for others will also make your children feel happy.

Manage Money

How many of us still struggle managing our finances? It’s better for children to learn at an early age how money works so they can develop good financial skills. Start teaching them about saving money and making smart purchases as soon as your children are old enough to get an allowance. Take them grocery shopping and teach them to compare prices and quality. Tweens and teens should learn about how interest and credit cards work. Here are some tips to teach your children about money.

Dealing With Change

Change is inevitable, but for some people it’s difficult to accept. While it’s important to set a goal and make plans, it’s important that your children know that nothing is set in stone. They have to learn to adapt and be flexible. Sometimes change can be good since it can lead to new opportunities. If your children don’t learn to accept that things won’t always go the way they want or that they won’t always stay the same, they will have a really tough time in life.

Simple Home Repairs

There is no need to call in a handyman every time something needs to be fixed at home. There are many simple repairs anyone can do. From changing a light bulb to unclogging a toilet to hammering a nail, these are some of the things your youngsters should learn to do. Of course, if you will teach them how to work with nails and hammers, they should only do it under supervision.

Being Happy on Their Own

It’s important that your children learn how to enjoy their own company and be happy on their own. They shouldn’t depend on someone or something else to be happy. Sometimes parents coddle their child so much that their child's happiness relies on their parents. You won’t always be around to keep your child happy.  Give them some space and time alone to do as they please and get used to their own presence.

Master Their Academic Skills With Tutoring in Auburn

Life skills are necessary to help your children become more independent, but if they also want to become better learners they can benefit from tutoring classes. Start the year by enrolling your children in a tutoring program at The Tutoring Center, Auburn CA. Contact them at (530) 878-5010 to learn about their tutoring options.


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