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An organized notebook can help you have more successful learning experiences. Learn how to organize yours through this post by The Tutoring Center, Auburn CA.

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How to Organize Your Notebooks

Keep Your School Subjects Separated

Picture this: you have to study for a big test, so you take your notebook out. Still, you can't focus on learning, because you need to keep looking for the right notes to study off of. Since you keep the notes for all of your school subjects in one notebook, you waste valuable time searching for your notes when you should be studying. To prevent this situation and to keep your notebooks organized, you should have one notebook for each of your school subjects. Of course, make an effort to use them accordingly to avoid confusion.

Put Your Name on Your Notebooks

Notes are probably your primary source of study material. For that reason, losing your notebooks can be quite a tragedy, since you'll also be losing a lot of good information, work, and effort. A way to prevent this, is to simply label your notebooks with your contact information. Putting your name, the subject, and your grade somewhere on the cover or back cover can help you. This way, if you misplace your notebook, you'll have a bigger chance at retrieving it.

Add a Date and Title for Each Lesson

As previously stated, you shouldn't waste time when you should be studying. This means that you should make your notes as identifiable as possible, so you can spot the ones you should be studying at a glance. To that end, it's recommended that you add a date and a title to each of the lessons. When you're flipping through the pages in your notebook, searching for a specific lesson, you'll be able to find it without much problem.

Improve Your Note-Taking Skills

Yes, having an organized notebook is nice, but it won't do you much good if its contents (a.k.a. your notes) aren't nice and organized, too. Care for your note-taking skills so you can guarantee your notes will help you study and learn. For instance, it's imperative that you write in legible penmanship, so you can actually understand what you wrote. Moreover, it's also needed that you write comprehensible and coherent phrases and sentences, so you can note down the information in an accurate manner.

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Avoid Mess and Doodles

Cleanliness can also affect how much you focus when you study and as such, the outcome of your study sessions. For that reason, you should pay more attention to how clean you keep your notebooks. In some cases, students state that doodling helps them focus when in class. Still, the drawings at the edge of your notebooks can actually distract you as you're reviewing your notes. That's why, if you feel the need, you should doodle on the last pages of your notebooks.. Also, as far as possible, try to avoid making mistakes when taking notes, as they can pull your attention away from your lessons, too.

Say 'No' to Loose Papers

When it comes to your notebooks' organization, loose papers are one of your biggest enemies. This is because they can create a big mess and confusion. Furthermore, loose papers are easily misplaced, which can be a big problem. To avoid those kinds of troubles, don't insert loose papers into your notebooks (and obviously, don't rip pages off the notebooks, either). After all, you can use your folders to keep those loose papers safe and in place.

Create an Index

Last but not least, to take your notebooks' organization a step further, you should create an index for each one of them. To that end, start by numbering all of the pages in your notebooks. Since you already have a title for each of the lessons (or you should), all you have to do now is go to the back of the notebook, and write down which lesson is at which page. This way, if you need to reference one of your lessons, you can easily locate it by looking at the index at the back of your notebook.

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