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Developing a love for reading when young can help children have an easier student life and enjoy many different worlds. You can help your children love books by following these pointers.

Planting the Reading Seed in Your Children

The love of reading is like a seed that needs care and nourishing to grow. It should be planted when children are still young. Reading to youngsters is easy, the struggle comes as they grow older and lose interest. Just like a plant, if you stop caring for it, the love for reading can wither and die. Children who read do better academically and tend to have a higher IQ. As a parent, you want your children to grow up to be smart and successful adults. Reading can have a big influence on that. The Tutoring Center, Auburn CA has compiled a few tips to help you keep that reading seed growing in your children.

Introduce Them to Books at an Early Age

You don’t need to wait until they learn to read to introduce them to the magical land of books. Also, books shouldn’t be a bedtime ritual. Books can be present all the time. Whenever you need a break or want to keep your children entertained, bring out a book. You can even read to them while they eat their lunch or snacks.

Don’t Push Them

Children will learn to read naturally as they grow up and go to school. You shouldn’t force them to read or sound out words before their time. Pushing children to read when they’re not ready can make them feel inadequate and make them resent books. Treating reading as a teaching assignment may take out all the fun.  Let things flow naturally.

Be a Reader

The best way children learn is by imitation. If they don’t see you reading, why should they read? Be sure your children can see you reading frequently. Make it a dinner time ritual to talk about whatever book you’re all reading.

Let Them Make Their Own Choices

The inspiration to read will never come if they’re forced to read something you choose. Even when children are younger, they have their story preferences. Children are bound to like things we don’t enjoy and we have to let them be. Letting them grow to be independent and passionate readers is more important than having them read books you consider the “right” ones. Just let them explore the bookstore for whatever catches their eye. Once they're hooked, then you can start making your own reading suggestions.

Take Them to the Library

Let them know that books can be easily available at all times, and that sometimes they’re free. That’s why libraries exist! They can visit their school’s library or one that’s in town. Make a day of it and explore different libraries until you find the perfect one for you and your children. Sometimes the right reading place is needed for inspiration to strike.

All Reading Is Welcome

Your children should know that books aren’t the only option they have when it comes to reading. There are also specialized magazines, graphic novels (or comic books), and newspapers. They can practice their reading skills with any of these materials as long as it gets them reading and learning. If your children need extra reading practice, sign them up for after school tutoring in El Dorado. The Tutoring Center, Auburn CA has reading programs that can help your young readers bloom. Give them a call at (530) 878-5010 to learn about their many tutoring options.

Get an Audiobook

If your children are auditory learners, they may find it easier to focus on an audiobook. Audiobooks count as books too! By listening to someone else read the story they can be learning fluency and later on they can practice it themselves. You can listen to audiobooks whenever you’re riding in the car. Find them for free at your local library, look for some free downloads, or buy them online.

Compare the Book to the Movie

A good idea is to read a book and afterwards have a family movie night and watch the movie. They can compare and contrast both stories and decide which version they like best. Books and movies are always different.

Start a Club

Encourage your child to start a book club with their friends or start one at home. You can all discuss the stories together and take turns at picking the book of the month.

Tutoring in El Dorado to Improve Reading Skills

Books can be challenging for some students, especially if they feel like they aren't master readers.  Tutoring can help them overcome these challenges and boost their academic potential. Call The Tutoring Center, Auburn CA at (530) 878-5010 to find out how tutoring can help improve your children's reading skills.


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