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Concentrating is not an easy task for an adult, and for a child it can be even tougher. Fortunately, concentration is something that can be improved. The ability to concentrate can have positive effects on your child’s grades. Here’s what you can do to help them focus better. Asking children to focus for extended periods is like asking the day to be longer: impossible. Due to children's curious and exuberant nature, it's difficult for them to concentrate for more than just a few moments at a time. Even adults find it difficult to focus, but at least we have concentration exercises that can help us. For children, however, it's a parent's mission to improve their ability to focus. The Tutoring Center, Auburn CA has prepared some useful tips to help you increase your children's concentration skills.

Divide Big Tasks into Small Chores

Tackling several small tasks is easier than dealing with a big one. Big assignments make children feel like they’re never going to finish or that they are not advancing fast enough. A big task may seem intimidating, while a series of short activities that lead to the completion of a major project are easier to handle. Short projects make children feel like they’re seeing progress and results, which makes it easier for them to focus on continuing the task. You can do this with homework, house chores, or any activity they need to complete.

The Tasks Should Match Their Maturity Level

You can’t expect a three-year-old to be able to perform the same tasks as an eight-year-old. Children tend to lose focus because the assignment is either too easy or too hard. Make sure that the task you assign your child is appropriate for their age and skill level. If they find the activity boring or tedious, just remind them that the sooner they get it done, the sooner they’ll have time to do other fun things.

Reduce Distractors

It’s not easy to focus on any activity knowing that the television, the internet, or other children are close by. This is why you should limit all distractions when your children are working on a task that requires concentration. If there’s no urgent need to use the computer, you should shut it off.  Some kids need background noise to concentrate. If that is your child's case, play some ambient music.

Understand Their Learning Style

We all learn in different ways. Some of us find it easier to process information if we listen to it, others need to be able to see it, and some others need to practice it. If you’re looking to improve your child’s concentration and boost their academic potential as well, take some time to read about learning styles and define which category your child identifies with the most. Visual children will be able to concentrate better if they can read or write the information. If you have a list chores for them, write it down so they can cross out the activities after they finish. Auditory learners need to hear the information. They work better when there’s music so it’s a good idea to play some classical music while they’re studying or doing their homework. Kinesthetic children need to be part of the process to understand it. Try teaching them by making them part of the lesson. Another way you can boost your child’s grades is with tutoring. A tutor can adapt the lesson to suit your children’s learning style. Call The Tutoring Center, Auburn CA at (530) 878-5010 to learn about their tutoring options in Auburn CA.

A Good Night's Rest

Don't underestimate the importance of sleep. A tired brain works slower than a well-rested brain. Trying to concentrate while operating with few hours of sleep is nearly impossible. The importance of bedtime routines is of utter importance for children. They should go to bed at the same time every day. Let's not forget that a tired child is more restless and grumpy, two things that make concentration impossible.

Physical Activities

Physical activity is not only necessary to grow up strong and healthy, but it’s also an excellent tool for concentration. When children run, play, or do sports between studying and other tasks, they get rid of excess energy. Your children will feel less restless and more capable of concentrating on their assignments.

Play Time

Children deserve to be kids and enjoy their childhood. Play time is necessary for their development. Having them perform many tasks and chores can be very tiring for their developing brains. Children should be allowed to have fun and relax without thinking about the pressure of having to focus on an assignment.

Tutoring in Auburn Can Help Too

Sometimes, the reason why children are unable to focus is that they don't understand what they're working on. It's common for this to happen in school. Tutoring can help your children understand tough subjects and be able to concentrate better in class. If you're interested in learning about the great tutoring programs The Tutoring Center, Auburn CA has, you can call them at (530) 878-5010.


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