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Most students wait until the last minute to study for their exams. This often results in sleepless nights, stress, and undesired bad grades. The secret to acing your exams is preparation. Here's what you should be doing.

Acing Your Exams Requires Preparation

Exams are stressful for all students. Some students can handle homework and other assignments just fine, but when tests are close, they can’t seem to get it together. Sometimes their less than amazing grades are a result of nerves or stress, but most of the time lack of preparation is the main culprit.  There are some exercises you can try to relax your nerves. As for preparation, here are some things you can do to make exams easier.

Organize Your Material

You should start by checking out the study guide or asking the teacher about all the material that will be covered on the exam. Then, you should start taking your study material home: your class notes, books, past exams, and assignments. Prioritize the material according to what you find tougher so that you can spend more time studying those topics.

Design a Study Schedule

Use a full month calendar to design a schedule and to out plan your study sessions up until the date of your exams. Try to divide the material evenly throughout the days leading up to the day of the exam. Don’t forget to include other activities in your schedule, such as social events, personal plans, and after-school activities. You need to try to study daily, even if it’s just for twenty minutes. You shouldn’t try to learn any new material right before the exam. By this point, if you follow your study guide you’ll know most of it, if not everything. Also, if you’re considering using a tutor’s help to study, you should show them your study calendar so they can prepare the tutoring sessions accordingly.

Have a Study Area

The importance of an excellent study and homework area is crucial to your learning. Throwing yourself on the bed with your material isn’t going to help you review. The bed is for resting, not for working. Instead, you should keep a clean and organized space with a decent table, comfortable chair, and good lighting. Be sure to steer away from distractors like the television, the computer, and your cellphone when you’re studying. Some people find it easier to concentrate with soft background music.

Look for a Tutor

Tutoring can be beneficial when you’re preparing for your exams or struggling with some of the material, but keep in mind that a tutor can’t work miracles overnight. Tutoring requires preparation as well. If you know you’re going to be needing extra help, look for a tutor with some anticipation. The Tutoring Center, Auburn CA offers several tutoring programs that can help you get the academic results you expect, learn to study more efficiently, and even improve your note-taking skills. Contact them at (530) 878-5010 to begin your tutoring sessions in  Auburn, CA.

Change Your Diet, Not Your Routine

Let’s face it, for most students, studying for exams means cramming the night before and staying up late. This will only leave you feeling tired and moody, and you won’t be genuinely learning the material. Instead, you should stick to your regular sleeping schedule and make other changes to keep your body energized and your mind focused. Simple changes to your diet can make a ton of difference in your concentration. Take some breaks between study sessions to get a healthy snack and keep your water bottle close by. Stay away from sugary drinks, fast food, and heavy carbs which will make you sleepy.

Take a Break and Get Moving

Research shows that study sessions should go for no longer than 60 minutes at a time. After that time has passed, your performance and concentration significantly decrease. You should study for about an hour and take a 20-minute break from your study area to clear your mind. It can do you a lot of good to exercise during the break.  Exercise releases endorphins, reduces stress, and boosts your brain power. Walking around the block or a few stretches can be enough to make a change.

Prepare for Your Exams With Tutoring in Auburn, CA

Sometimes even careful planning and organization are not enough to help you through your exams. These occasions require other measures, such as tutoring. Tutoring will not only help you ace your exams, it will also help you improve your concentration. Prepare for your exams week with the help of The Tutoring Center, Auburn CA. Call them at (530) 878-5010 to learn about their programs and find something that suits your academic needs.


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