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Summer break can go by so fast. If you want to take full advantage of it, work on achieving the goals in this post that The Tutoring Center, Auburn CA has put together for you.

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Academic Goals to Accomplish this Summer

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You're on your summer break, which means you have a lot of free times on your hands. If you want to spend your time in a beneficial way and not see your summer waste away from your bed, try picking up a book once in a while. When you read, you learn about different subjects, you practice your grammar and spelling, you increase your vocabulary, and much more. If you want to give this goal a try but aren't much of a reader, start out small: read 20 pages each day. Little by little, you can build on that initial goal until you become a full on bookworm.

Start Keeping a Journal

A great complement to becoming an avid reader during your summer break, would be to become a writer. In fact, keeping a journal can reinforce many of the academic skills you would work through reading (such as grammar, spelling, and vocabulary). Moreover, it can be beneficial on a mental level: Lifehacker states that journaling can help you organize your thoughts and express them in a healthy way. If you're not used to writing either, take baby steps. You can start documenting what you did on a daily basis. Then, you can move on to sharing your opinions or even creating a short story.

Study Your Notes Over the Break

While the other goals in this post depend on your preferences, this is one that you need to follow through. This is because, avoiding it can actually be detrimental to your learning process. If you don't study your notes over the break, you'll experience summer learning loss, which occurs when students neglect their academics and end up forgetting everything they have learned. Then, they return to school as a blank slate and have more trouble building on the knowledge they should already have. To prevent that, you should simply read your notes a couple of times over the break. Doing this will ensure that you'll refresh your memory and keep that knowledge present on your mind.

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Engage in Physical Activities

During summer break, it can be easy to forget about moving and just end up sitting on the couch watching TV all summer long. Still, this isn't good for your body or your mind. You need to move to strengthen your muscles and oxygenate your brain. Plus, it can be a lot of fun! So, this summer, engage in physical activities: walk your dog daily, enroll in a dance class, invite your friends to play basketball or to go for a hike. The idea here is that you take advantage of your days off to keep moving.

Find New Things

Once again, you have a lot of free time on your hands. This means that summer break is the perfect opportunity to do things you're interested in, but don't normally have the chance to do. For example, you can try learning a new language, an instrument, or another skill (such as painting or roller blading). Finding new things you enjoy and learning more about them is a great way to spend your free time. Plus, you never know where your new set of skills can take you in the end. So take full advantage of the break to do something for you.

Visit New Places

Lastly, if you love going to new places, but you don't have much of a chance to do it when you're in school, summer break can be your savior. You can visit another country (if you have enough money for it), another state, another town near your city, or even a new place you've never been to in your own town. Visiting new places can be an incredible learning experience. Moreover, it will help you break out of the routine, have fun during your summer break, and create memories with the friends and/or family members you choose to go with.

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