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Notes are great tools when it comes to studying. Oftentimes, students don’t know how to take notes and whatever they do write down in their notebook ends up being unused. In order for notes to be useful, you need to understand what you’re writing and you need to keep the information organized. Note taking is a skill that will be useful throughout your whole life. Here are some pointers on how to improve your note taking game in class brought to you by The Tutoring Center, Auburn CA.

Learning How to Take Better Notes in Auburn CA

General Note- Taking Tips

The keys to good notes are: attention, comprehension, and organization.
  • New page per class: For each class, use a new page in your notebook. Write down the date and the topic at the beginning of each new section. If you’re going to be looking at several ideas or topics, leave some space between them and use colors to separate them. This will allow you to scan the page easily later on.
  • Use key words: Instead of filling out your notebook with long sentences, write down key words. Create your own system of abbreviations to write shorter notes.
  • Listen for clues: Listen closely to what your teachers say. There are many clue words they use before saying something really important.
  • Ask questions: To enrich your notes, you have to ask questions in class. If you have any doubts, there is no better time to get them answered.
  • Review your notes: Before you start your homework, or better yet, before class, review your notes so you can remember them and focus on what you have to do next.
  • Note exchange: Talk to your classmates and check out their notes. Maybe they have something you don’t have. You can help each other have more complete notes.
If you’re looking for more tips to help you improve your notes, try tutoring in Auburn CA. Yes, tutoring! Although tutoring is meant to help you improve your grades, during your lessons you will be learning ways to work on your note taking skills. Join a tutoring class at The Tutoring Center, Auburn CA. To learn more about their many tutoring programs give them a call at (530) 878-5010.

Try a Known Note-Taking Method

There are plenty of note taking techniques you can use. Here are a few examples. You can try them out and decide which works best for you. You can even tweak them to create your own unique note taking style.

Cornell Method

The Cornell method is one of the best ones out there. There’s virtually no flaw in this technique for condensing and organizing notes.  Here’s how it works: divide your page into two columns. The one on the right should be bigger since you’ll be doing all your annotations on that side. On the left side you will write a cue about the notes on the right. Each time your teacher moves to a new point, skip a few lines on the right side and write down a cue on the left. When you need to review, you can cover your notes, say the cue aloud and try to say as much of the information that you’re covering as possible. If what you said matches what’s written, then you can move onto the next cue. If you can say it, it means you know it.

Mapping Method

Mapping consists of relating one fact or idea to another. This method is especially useful for people who are more visual when it comes to learning. Mapping emphasizes critical thinking and immediate knowledge. When you successfully use the mapping method for your notes, you’ll barely need to think as you will be able to easily understand the relation between each word or idea. You can edit your notes by adding numbers, arrows, marks, or color coding.

Outlining Method

The outline method organizes information starting from main ideas and going into details. (I) First you start with an idea or a new topic. (1) The next level is supporting information and (a) the next ones are filled with extra details. Use Roman numerals, numbers, and letters to outline and organize the information.

Tutoring in Auburn to Improve Your Grades and Notes

Try tutoring in Auburn CA to work on your notes. While they won’t explicitly tell you how to write down your notes, they will help you understand how to find the most important information in whatever it is you’re working on. That is the starting point for quality notes. The Tutoring Center, Auburn CA has a great variety of tutoring programs that can help you improve in your academic life. Schedule a free diagnostic assessment online and call them at (530) 878-5010 to learn more about their programs.


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