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The environment you study in can have a huge influence in the outcome of your study sessions. Read this post by The Tutoring Center, Auburn CA to learn how to create the perfect study environment.

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How to Create the Perfect Conditions to Focus on Studying

Find the Right Place

First of all, you need to find the right place to study and do your homework in. Ideally, this would be a room in your home. Still, keep in mind that it's recommended that said space is only meant for your study sessions, so you can train your brain to concentrate fully when you're in there.

Avoid Distractions

Needless to say, if what you need to do is focus, the last thing you want in your study space is distractions. A noisy TV, your smartphone, a playful sibling, or even the clutter in the room can actually pull your attention away from what you should be doing. Before you begin studying, you should clean the space from all of those distractions, so you can have as effective study sessions as possible.

Mind the Illumination

More often than not, you need to be able to see what's in front of you in order to do your homework, read, or study efficiently. This can be difficult to achieve if your study space doesn't have the right illumination. Be it through natural or artificial light, ensure that the place is well-lit, so you can avoid straining your eyes, damaging your health, and losing focus.

Furnish the Place Appropriately

Yes, your study space can be well-lit, quiet, and much more. However, if you don't have the appropriate furniture in it, how can you expect to focus and do homework? Not only are they necessary for comfort, but having the right furniture can actually influence your health. For that reason, equip the place with a chair and desk that are ergonomic, comfortable, and size-appropriate.

Listen to Calm Music

The debate of whether you should listen to music while studying or not is never-ending. The people who oppose to it say that music can divert your attention and lead you to make mistakes. However, Northcentral University states that calm music, such as classical or meditation music, can help in the memorization and learning process. Create and play a suitable playlist so that you can learn better.

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Keep Your Supplies Handy

Of course, there are some things that absolutely shouldn't be missing in your perfect study environment. These are the tools that you will need to study in an effective manner (this includes pencils, books, calculator, notebooks, among other similar items). If you have all of these school supplies within arm's reach, ready to be used, you won't have to break your focus and waste time searching for them later on.

Adapt to Your Learning Style

As you may be aware, people can assimilate, retain, and recall information in a few different ways, which are called 'learning styles'. These can influence your study sessions heavily. For that reason, you should adapt your study space to your learning style. As an example, you can have learning tools (such as an abacus) with you if you're a kinesthetic learner. Doing so will allow you to have much more successful learning experiences.

Study at Your Ideal Time

One thing to understand is that the best time to study will depend on each individual person. This is because there are early birds that have the most energy in the morning. Contrary to night owls, who get a boost of energy during the nighttime. In any case, be sure that you can meet your study requirements at the time you choose to study. Likewise, create a schedule and follow it thoroughly so you can get into the habit of studying at the same time every day.

Control Your Thoughts

Last but not least, the final element you should consider to have the perfect study environment is inside your head: your thoughts. This is because having negative thoughts about yourself or about what you have to do, will only make achieving your goals that much harder. To revert this, before you begin studying, trust in your knowledge and abilities, so you can start your work with your best foot forward.

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