The Tutoring Center, Auburn CA

"My daughter has been going here for the last month and she couldn't be happier. She is excited to learn and to work hard! We have seen her grow into a much more independent and confident learner. We couldn't be more happy with her progress. Thank you Ana and staff!
Cory Crow
"So thankful that the Tutoring Center in Auburn has opened. My daughter Aubrey loves going and wishes tutoring was everyday! Ana and all the satff are so welcoming and pleasant!"
Jaime Heppler Nattrass
"We are so glad that The Tutoring Center has come to Auburn! Our daughter is enjoying her tutors and the work! She has become a lot more proficent and quicker with math facts and now gaining skills above her grade! In fact we liked it so much we decided to put our younger daughter in as well! Thanks to Ana and her staff for welcoming us and believing in the work and children they help!"
Geen All
"My son absolutely loves this place!! He is excited to go and has grown so mucn more confident in himself. The staff is very nice and accommodating. So glad we switched from Sylvian."
Danielle Medlyn-Ehrlich
"We decided to put our daughter into tutoring because she was slightly behind in math. 
She also wasn't confident in her math skills.
She has only been in it about a month now, and I'm already seeing more confidence in her homework, and she is scoring well on tests.
I know we made the right decision taking her to the tutoring center of Auburn."
Jodi Porter
"I found the environment as well as the staff to be warm and friendly, making my son go from resistant to attending to he cannot wait to go to the center, then I have a hard time getting him to leave! They have a way of getting the child so engaged in learning, while making it enjoyable...and with great games and rewards adding to their enthusiasm."
Sherry Gold
"This tutoring center has changed our granddaughters life in that she is no longer being left behind in school, they teach her in a way she LEARNS and her confidence has grown leaps and bounds!"
LuAnn Placeres
"I just love The Tutoring center! My daughters progress is so wonderful! The owner Ana Edwards is so amazing and her stuff is just the icing on the cake. So if you are looking for a place to help your child with their studies I would definitely recommend The Tutoring center in Auburn."
Linette Rubidoux
"Everyone is so nice, very welcoming and supportive of the kids. My son is doing well in Math currently but skipped a grade a few years back and needs to fill that 'hole' to know the concepts. They help with the grade work the kids are in so they don't get behind while also filling in the places that they may have missed or are having trouble with."
Bridget B
"The Tutoring Center, Auburn CA has been such a positive and rewarding experience for our daughter. The director (Ana) is always available to answer our questions and has been a great person to work with. The tutors are fun and inspirational and our daughter is always so motivated to go to her sessions. The program and staff do an amazing job inspiring the students to complete their work, earn rewards and win prizes! I highly recommend the Tutoring Center program over any other tutoring center (Huntington) in the area. The program is truly inspirational!"
Wendy Haydu
"We are so glad that there is an option for quality and effective tutoring in Auburn! Ana and her team of instructions are wonderful and have helped our daughter immensely. We are thrilled that she always looks forward to her tutoring session and that she is already showing improvement in her math skills after just a few short weeks! We can't recommend The Tutoring Center in Auburn enough!!
Marilee Birkholz
"Love the staff; they are always friendly. Their system really works. My daughter has come home with 6 As in one week and she is always excited to come back for more tutoring. The staff is patient and know how to work with the kids, not to mention Ms Ana who is always there and willing to help in any way. We are truly happy here. This program really works!! Thank you The Tutoring Center of Auburn!!"
"The experiences at The Tutoring Center is very positive. Staff is extremely knowledgeable and professional. Our son enjoys his sessions and is improving greatly."
Patricia Meisinger
"The tutoring center I making my child improve in math and I really think the tutoring center is great. Also my child loves it."
Robert Curle
"The entire staff is welcomming to me and my children. My son is eight grades below grade level and has special needs. Ana does very well at talking with both my children's school. It is nice to have a team of tutors that enjoy helping my children. The scheduling is easy to do around our other activities. I am so grateful that I found the tutoring center."
Gabrielle Phebus
"My son struggled in math. He loves it now thanks to Ana and the staff at The Tutoring Center! They have helped him come up a whole grade level! Everyone is wonderful there. If your child needs to catch up or is in AP, this is the place for them!"
Joanna Bean
"Our family loves coming to the tutoring center. They build up the foundational skills that were missed in order to catch them up. My kids have made great strides. The owner and staff are accommodating and welcoming."
"The tutoring center is a very professional place to bring my child to. The staff is friendly and extremely helpful my son loves it here."
Holly Kohlbeck
"My daughter has struggled w/her math from getting behind at a previous school, and The Tutoring Center has been amazing in not only rebuilding those skills & knowledge, but also renewing her confidence in herself & her capabilities. I would recommend The Tutoring Center to anyone whose child needs any amount of assistance!"
Julianne Jacobs
"The attention and care that the owner and staff show has been amazing.
My kids have had a lot of growth since starting sessions."
Melissa Wilbur
"Shout out to the Tutoring Center in Auburn. They have done a great job in helping my daughter get ready for next year. The manager is so helpful and accomodating with my daughters busy schedule."
Shelly Sharp Hansen
"My daughter has been attending sessions three times a week for a little over a month now, and we are so happy with the results. The most notable difference is her confidence and attitude towards reading. She is so much more positive and willing to stick with it and not become discouraged. All the staff are so patient and kind to her. We are so happy we found the tutoring center and look forward to seeing her future progress."
Sam Saul
"I like that I can ask the tutors when I have questions on my math for school. Last year math was hard for me. I feel that I know a lot more about math this year compared to last year. Because I now understand more about what my teacher is explaining, other kids in my class ask me to help them on their math."
Madelyn Poteet, 6th grade, Rockbrook Elementary School
"We would like to express our appreciation to you and THE TUTORING CENTER for the improvement that we see in our two children, Isaac and Dwight. I am still surprised whenever I hear Dwight read and spell. He is one of the best readers in class and Isaac is doing very well in his class as well, bringing home A’s on most of his exams. Their time at the Center is truly well spent."
Johnny Siyluy
"I like the tutors and getting ahead in math."
Ross, 12th grade, Flower Mound High School
"The Tutoring Center has helped my daughter tremendously! It has given her the confidence, and the ability to solve even the most difficult problems on her own. The environment makes the kids want to learn, and encourages them to succeed in all subject. "
Paula Swain
"What I like about going to The Tutoring Center is that everyone is so polite even when I’m not in my best of moods! I also like learning new things about math that I have a hard time understanding while still having fun."
Kendyll, 10th grade, iSchool
"I love The Tutoring Center because it has done wonders for my daughter. She has improved in math tremendously, and she's still improving in writing and reading comprehension. What I'm also happy about is the confidence she's gained, and independence. I would recommend The Tutoring Center to any child..."
Jeanette Martinez
“I love The Tutoring Center because it’s really fun and we get praised. My favorite part of going to The Tutoring Center is the teachers. They are really nice and fun."
Kristen, 8th grade, Downing Middle School
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